LLY PACK provide one- stop solutions for international corrugator. We supply high speed corrugated paperboard production line, auto splicer, flexo printer slotter die cutter, auto box maker, prefeeder, auto folder gluer, stitcher, auto bailer, paper reel logistic system, cardboard conveyor, cardboard bunding machine, cardboard laminator, machine spare parts such as corrugated roller, double facer belt, pneumatic brake, expansion chuck, slitting knife, grinding wheel, cut-off blade, sun wheel, lead edge feeding wheel, slotting blade, die-cuting anvil rubber, conveyor belt, printing plate, ink pump, waste stripper, etc.

Company Profile

The art-of state factory with a total area of 57,000 square meter. Over 22 years experience specialized in manufacturing corrugated machines and carton machine spare parts.